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Welcome to Q.rity

Q.rity Quality Security Solutions is a leader of technology-based solutions and services in the fields of Cyber Security and Smart Cities. Q.rity business model combines services and operations provisioning as an evolvement of project delivery. Q.rity has been assessed and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001.


Our Services

Our Servuces
Cyber Security Solutions 
  • Large scale Cyber Security Centers 

  • Cyber Security as a remote service

  • State of the art solutions for ICS, SCADA and OT SOC & Events management

  • Training center and Academy for research and training

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Smart City Solutions
  • A Cloud based platfom for enhanced engagement with city residents and businesses

  • An embeded comercial mechanism to insure platform sustainablity 

  • Tools for knowledge and information sharing accross the Municipality departments (G2G) 

  • Tools for Inter- Communitee relations (C2C)

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