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Smart Cities

The Digital City Program

The Digital City Program (or DigiCity for short) is a personalized web and mobile communication platform that provides residents with individually tailored, location-specific, life situation-based information and services. The platform facilitates a direct and holistic connection between the city and its residents, right from alerting residents on construction work in their neighborhood, to sending targeted reminders for school registration and offering discounts which facilitate access to the many cultural events taking place in the city. The information is delivered proactively via different channels, such as push notifications, personal emails, or text messages to their mobile.

Main Principles

The Digital City Program addresses different aspects of the the municipality work: Engagement with residents and local businesses, knowing the residents' expectations and desires. Improved collaboration and information sharing between the municipality's departments, and encourage inter-communities activities.


Residents get Personalized Information - when and where needed, Commercial benefits from the Municipality and local businesses (in form of Loyalty club) and

active participation and involvement of residents in municipal decision making.

What makes this program so unique is that it is self sustained, and not  sponsored only by the municipality. Moreover, the program is designed to  boost the city economy, thanks to an embeded e-commerce tools.

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The Digi-City program improves resident quality of life, increases sense of belonging and upgrades the municipal daily operations.

We did it in India...

The Program was successfully deployed in the city of Thane, in  Maharashtra, India, under the brand name 'DigiThane', based on the knowledge and experience which was gathered during DigiTel project of Tel Aviv, together with our local partner, Foxberry technologies.

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